Question about trading emini's as a career

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  1. Hello,

    Just wondering the following about trading emini's as a career from anyone who has successfully done so as a career:

    1. Is it really possible to trade emini's intraday as a career?

    2. How much on an account can one make per year percentwise ( please no absurd claims of taking 5,000 into 1 million?

    3. Has anyone earned at least 200,000 per year trading eminis?

    Any thoughts would be appreciated.

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    If you can over come all of these chapters, the odds are higher you will become a successful traders.

    Looking for a 3rd party educational vendors is not the way to start to learn how to trade. Even reading books is not the way to start.

    More than 90% of small trader beginners and amateurs lose. They just lose!!

    You better believe it. It takes 1 in 100 small traders to make it in this industry. There are so many evidences in this ET site that so many newbies and amateurs are losing. Many disappear.
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    I will be adding more chapters soon

  5. So tell us how to succeed.
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    you? you claim u are successful trader. more than 90% of losers demand that u share.

    tell u what, what don't u begin posting your trade? help robertwiz. make him a better trader
  7. You're the one putting out advice, not me. You're really good at telling everyone what doesn't work I was hoping you could shed some light on the masses at what does work.

    I trade for myself. I'm smart enough to know that what works for me probably won't work for others. Took me a long time to figure it out. I'm also smart enough not offer advice I can't back up. (That's why I don't offer any).
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    i am giving more than 90% of losers to give up trading and save their money. That is my advice.
  9. So the 10% that "could" succeed should give up too because they can't know in advance they are part of that elite group, right?

    Are you part of the 10%, making you an expert on the subject
    part of the 90%?
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    I sense u are desperately and part of the 90% losers. Here is my advice, give up and save your money. u are not born to be a trader.

    Dear robert. this is a perfect example of how 90% losers behavior. they are desperate.

    Good luck

    Im out
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