Question about Tradestation 2000i under Win7

Discussion in 'Trading Software' started by olrim, Oct 12, 2011.

  1. olrim



    I have tried to install Tradestation 2000i (yes, this version) under Win7.

    At Installing-process I got the following failure message:

    "Setup is unable to detect a config.nt file in your windows directory.
    Please correct this problem and rerun setup. Setup is now aborting."

    Does somebody have an idea how to make TS2000i work under Win7?
    It would be a great help!

  2. ronblack


    Why are you messing around with such an old, buggy software?
  3. if you want easylanguage try if you just want charts than use the free version which does not have easy language in it.
  4. Who knows -- maybe it's warez? In any case he can try a VM, or an XP partition. There's info all over the Web.
  5. Or, more easily, just create a config.nt file and drop it into System32. And move to the next install error.

    He likely is using 2000i because it was the last version of TS that could be run with an independent feed. Modern versions require something like OwnData to run with anything but the TS bundled feed.
  6. olrim


    so there is no solution, guys? At Win XP it has worked well, but I don't know how to make it work in Win 7... :(
  7. It can be done as was quoted in this post....but please, PLEASE heed the warning and move to Multicharts:
    And please, please see my recent posts regarding the Cruz Bros. and how they survived only by screwing their existing customer base knowing that ts2000i could not be repaired.
  8. Bob111


    s***t...if you got TS200I then you should have some OS that was old enough to run it. cracked XP should work..cause last time i checked original price for TS200I it was around 2-3K.don't even try to tell me that you are original owner of one...
  9. yep, I remember that check I made out for $2700.
    ts2000i "sorta worked". but it was hugely unreliable.
    And it had a fatal flaw for system trading: no ability to determine which exits or entries were triggered in a complex system with multiple entries/exits. That was a killer. Multicharts has now fixed this issue. I'm now going to shell-out $1500 for that software....and crossing my fingers.
  10. There was a paper posted here in the past showing how TS2000i missed all sorts of entry signals in backtesting mode. It is amazing they got away with that...I guess most traders are not just losers, they are also stupid...
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