Question about trade busts on futures

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    Imagine you trade a very illquid futures contract where Market makers are sometimes simply non existent and you make an error and initiate/close a position by error way out of fair value... Imagine something like you get your fill with 100k loss per contract compared to fair value and you miss the 8 minutes schedule to request trade bust( globex )... Something tremendous like you buy at 10000 something that is 5000 at FV( related market )

    Will the exchange( CME or NYMEX ) bust the trade or not?

    Thanks a lot.
  2. There are protection limits in place. It varies by contract
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    Thanks BondTrader.

    I will watch out.
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    Where can I see the price limits for NYMEX GLOBEX products?
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    I found it on the price banding pdf.