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Discussion in 'Trading' started by jaqaw, May 22, 2002.

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    I was trying to find the top 20 companies in the Rusell index. But all i can seem to find on their site is the complete Russell 1000 listed in alphabetical order. Does anyone know if there is a listing by market cap on the site or somewhere on another site?
  2. try the god damn russell home page
  3. Dude, there is no way you'll even come close to "cloning" an index of 2000 small cos. with the 20 largest.

    You'll only attain 3-4% of the index cap weight at most, which is VERY inadequate. Trust me, I know this stuff.

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    oh i'm not tryin to make my own index. i just want to see what the top 20 were before they rearranged it.
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    Im not looking for the index values, just for the top 20 stocks in the russell index by market cap because i want to compare what it is now to what it will be next month when they reconstitute it.
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    Go to WWW.ISHARES.COM, they have all of the etfs that track the various indexes. Under holdings they rank by percent of portfolio.
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    Thanks man! This seems to be what i am looking for. I checked the market caps of the first ten and they seem to be in descending order. I'll assume some of the small differences are explained by the fact that the current ranking was done a year ago. Thanks again.