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Discussion in 'Trading Software' started by Harry123, Sep 17, 2003.

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    Hi I was reviewing the software of TC 2000 sent to me a few days ago. I was impressed with the ease of use and yet the depth it has. There is one major problem I did encounter though and that is I didn't see any cross hair tool.
    If anybody is familiar with Realtick charts, TradeStation Charts, or even IQC Charts they all provide Cross Hair Tracking Tools for you to see price at any point on the chart.
    I called up TC 2000 support and the guy Dave sounded stumped and I basically said how could a program of this sophistication not have a CrossHair Tool (it only has a vertical tool that lets you know the open high low and close of any bar in any time frame but not any other prices besides that) and he was basically clueless.

    Question is for those who are familiar...IS THERE A CROSSHAIR TRACKING TOOL? Lol thks its important for me to find out.
  2. I've used TC2000 for about 5 years.

    No, they don't have a crosshair tool that shows the prices as you glide over them. I wish they did.

    If you hit the "." key once you get a vertical bar, which will show the selected bar's prices in the information row at the top.

    In the latest version, hit the "." a 2nd time and you get a data window as well, which for me is easier to read.

    Hit the "." again to return to the normal cursor.

    Very good program for EOD scanning (for the money) otherwise.
  3. Merc


    What is the cost for the EOD?
  4. zxcv1fu


    If you sign up their free seminar, you get better price.

    TC2000 is good in many ways but is a memory hug. I still have problem right after download, the stock & chart is not the same.
  5. as I remember it is only EOD, right?
  6. Cost - about $30 per month; a little cheaper if you signup for a year, and again a bit more if you signup at one of their seminars.

    Frequency of Data - EOD primarily, but you can download at anytime during the day and get 20 minute delayed data. You can then run your scans on that data.

    Note: They have a real-time product, TCNet, which offers real-time charts. However, the scan functions only work off what's been downloaded, same as in TC2000.