question about taxes and trading as a LLC or corp.

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    does anyone know of a web site where I can find information about getting set up as a company?

    I hear there are legal ways of keeping more of your profits away from uncle sam if you set your trading account as a LLC or Corp. And if you live in a less tax friendly state like California you can open a shell company in Nevada and transfer some profits over to that state where the taxes are less.

    Does anyone know anything about that here?

    Thank you!
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    Hey, check out, I've heard good things.
  4. there is a benefit for filing taxes as a LLC. its not a huge difference. There are a bunch of sites like intuit that will charge you $500 all inclusive to set up your LLC, but just go to your state website and you can do it yourself for under $100.
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    how much can you write off if you trade at home?
  7. is a good site as well. Setting up your tax strategy is a ton of trouble (like everything else) but it's worth it.