question about switching from prop to retail

Discussion in 'Professional Trading' started by burnin, Aug 28, 2003.

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    after making the switch, I understand you have 2 years before you lose your licenses, Question is, how do you keep them active?
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    I think that as soon as you leave the firm, your license (S7) becomes inactive. However if you are employed by a firm within 2 years then your license can be reactivated without having to take the exam again.

  4. this is correct....If you want to keep your 7 active, you can also contact some of the local "PRIMERICA" offices in your neighbor hood and they will hold your long as you pretend that you are going to actually sell insurance and mutual funds for them LOL
  5. You can also take further exams to keep your Series 7 license active.
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    Yeah, but you need to be u-4'd with a firm to take a new test. If you're a "customer", you should be u-5'd from your current firm, which means you wouldn't be able to register for any exams.
    Anyhow, you DO have 2 years to do something about it... you can always go back to prop after 2 years. If you decide that trading prop is no longer your thing, switch back to a customer. Just make sure you don't proceed into that scenario with that "intent"... the NASD frowns on shelving licenses.