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  1. does swift have 20 offices in china? i looked at there website. offices in south korea all over europe russia and south america. are all these offices trading the us market? if so thats incredible. how are they recuriting all over china. why are they not in the us?
  2. Asians love to gamble. There should be no problem getting new recruits.
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    I am currently looking for a prop trading firm located in either Mainland China or Hong Kong. Does Swift have offices in Hong Kong or a website? Thx.
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    Thx a lot! Went to their website, and they do have offices in Hong Kong.

    Is it a good prop firm?
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    They're trading the US markets and/or the LSE...

    Why not in the US? Probably because there's lots of competition in the US... Plus in countires where the cost of living is extremely low branch owners can offer a much lower profit split to the traders and bank a lot more cash.

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    Thx for the input, mnx!

    Does anybody know more detailed information about Swift Trading? e.g. What trading platform is it using? What kind of split betweent the firm and traders? Need any capital contribution?

    How is it comparing to other prop firms? Is it trustful? A good trading firm to start with?

    Any comments welcome. Need some help to decide if I can join them. Thx a bundle.

  8. so in all those asian country's swift is trading only us equities? so there trading midnight to 8 am? many of those countries 10-13 hrs ahead. also it's funny as you'd have chinneese people making 2k a year in there real world slinging arounnd 300-500k. nice thing about it is you could charge 2 cent a share becasue as long as they make $200 amonth they're happy
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    Thanks for your comments, bighitter1!

    Not sure about how much the company charges per share. But it is true if you can make equivalent amount of US dollars here, you will have more purchasing power when you spend those money here in Hong Kong or other parts of Asia.

    Btw, it's 13 hours ahead here in Hong Kong. So, trading hours will start 9:30 pm (EST 8:30 am) until 5:00 am (EST 4 pm) depending on what you trade.

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