question about Stochastics

Discussion in 'Technical Analysis' started by aiyah_mark_lah, Jul 2, 2009.

  1. Hi, I am wondering if more experienced users could help me.

    Stochastics overbought levels are more significant and reliable if it is preceded by a swing from the oversold level and vice versa.

    Is the above true ?

    Thanks in advance for your advice.


  2. ammo


    all indicators work better when confirmed with rsi ,macd ,price bars rolling over.....not so reliable on their own
  3. hi ammo, thanks, I agree, I personally prefer price action and indicator to confirm each other though.

    Still it does not answer the question. I mean, looking at just the indicator, assuming no other analysis done. :)

  4. ammo


    i watch it, a lot of times on a trend day it will stay above 80 or below 20 for hours so it becomes useless on its own, and as per your question, i don't know