Question about Sterling Auto stop

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  1. Is it possible in sterling to say create an auto stop based on the amount you got filled at? Say you short symbol ABC at $10 and want it to create a stop at 1% above the fill price. Can this only be done using excel and vb, or is there a much simpler solution? Thanks
  2. here is how to do this in tradelink...

    tradelink is 100% free and open source.

    works with sterling and 15+ other brokers and feeds.

    public class MyResponse : ResponseTemplate
       OffsetTracker ot = new OffsetTracker();
       void GotTick(Tick k)
      void Reset()
            // read in symbols
            Basket b = BasketImpl.FromFile("MYSYMBOLS.txt");
            // at startup disable profits and set stops to 1%
            foreach (Security sec in b)
               ot[sec.Symbol] = new OffsetInfo(0,BarListImpl.DayFromAny(symbol).RecentBar.Close*.01m,0,1,false,1);
            // subscribe to symbols
       public MyResponse()
             ot.SendOrderEvent+=new OrderDelegate(sendorder);
             ot.SendCancelEvent+=new LongDelegate(sendcancel);
       void GotPosition(Position p)  
       void GotFill(Trade t)
    google 'tradelink project' or
  3. thanks a bunch