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    i want the 12 USD a month data feed option, firstly- will this be real time data? and secondly will this include the ES?
  2. 1. Yes
    2. No

    You really should post on

    The only way to get free ES data is from a supported broker, otherwise you pay the exchange and the data provider.
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    so what would be the cheapest option to get real time data for ES. can't make sense of SC pricing
  4. Maybe open a broker account with TransAct, IB, Open E Cry, etc? I have an account with TA.
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    hmm,any brokers i could just open a free account with and get their data feed?
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    Nearly, you can open accounts with some of them with just a few hundred bucks.. I'm with IB, it takes more to get an account, they charge $10 if you are inactive and it's free if you are active enough...

    IB's data has limitiations, they throttle you back if you request a lot of historical data, you get no intraday tick historical data, the data is sent out in packets every few hundred milliseconds, it doesn't have exchange timestamps, etc...

    A serious feed costs $100 a month from DTNIQ but the pain of the restrictions is entirely not there, they send every bid ask and last as they happen and you can feed 1300 symbols at once.. For low cost though, probably you should study the info at Sierracharts more closely, I don't think you can beat the pricing there...
  7. When you compare the cost and features, Sierra Chart is a great deal. I have only been using it since January and my monthly fee has gone DOWN. Can't remember when that last happened with any other fee...

    They are very good at responding to questions on their forum and you can try it for free too. Like the others said you are best to go to a broker like IB or OEC and use their data feed with Sierra Chart. As to what package you need that's up to what all you need to do. It sounds like you can probably get by with one of the lower packages though.

    You can always upgrade/downgrade if you need to in the future.
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    sounds good but don't i need like 10k to open an IN acount? Oh, and the 29 USD package, with package 3, could i access real time ES data with that combo?
  9. While you are not trading why do you need real time ES data?

    You could ask on the SC forum and you will find that people will be willing to upload ESxxx.scid files so that you can back test your theories.
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    you mean you can actually watch old-live footage?
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