question about settlement on ES today

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    The November contracts will seize trading @ 3:15 eastern today. What will be the settlement print? 3:15 quote or the close @4pm

    I thought it seized trading on thursdays at the close and settlement is the open print on friday. Did that change?

    thank you
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    thanks, but I don't see november on the list
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    That would be the options on the ES futures not the ES futures. Sorry I forgot to mention that.
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    Stop wasting my time moron, use GOOGLE as the last person suggested!
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    I'm not wasting your time dick head, if you don't want to answer just don't come back to this post. If you don't know just shut up and let someone who knows answer.
  7. How can you get simple stuff so wrong?

    First, the CME is in Chicago so the time is 3:15 PM CST (the same time as 4:15 PM EST).

    Next, the contract specification clearly states that serial options (ie nonquarterly) in the money settle into a position in the underlying futures contract not a cash settlement based on the close.

    "SERIALS are exercised into underlying cash-settled futures at their closing price on 3:15 p.m. on the 3rd Friday of the contract month"

    Full contract specification is at:
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    Hey douche, I answered your question about ES, then you realized you actually wanted options expiration, you have no fucking clue.
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    So fucking hilarious when a forum is intended to ask questions or have discussions. If you don't like move on.
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