Question about returns

Discussion in 'Trading' started by busterman343, Nov 9, 2006.

  1. What can a very good trader expect to return per year? 10%, 15%, 20% OR more?

    What is realistic?
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    look bud

    you will get all kinds of answers, some people will swear that 5000% is their norm

    some people will say that more than 30% is pure luck and rubbish

    others will say that in long term there ARE NO GAINS

    But you know what

    a really good trader will do at least 100% every 6 months

    but usually more

    ask me how I know :D
  3. this type of question (and answer) merely sets one up to limit themselves.

    i don't care what some traders think is reasonable or not

    i trade my setups.

    i can be reasonably sure that if i thought X% was the most i could reasonably make that this would affect my trading .

    it will, whether you realize it or not

    trading highly leveraged futures, i do not even care what people think . i know what i HAVE done. i also know that this is not the theoretical maximum, so i don't begin to limit myself with that sort of mindset.
  4. So you trade without having goals? I could never do that. It's like stepping under center without a play in mind....