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    1) When drawing trendlines, is there an option to have lines automatically connect with only the high or low of a bar - as opposed to drawing each line completely freehand? Similar to FXCMs chart feature here

    That would be a useful feature.

    2) What is the largest viewable timeframe? 1 day, 1 week, 1 month, 1 quarter? Is this customizable? I am sure this has been asked a million times.

    3) Can higher time frame trendlines project onto smaller time frames for the same security? ex can a weekly trendline project onto an hourly timeframe if we're viewing the hourly chart?

    4) Can trendlines and chart annotations be preserved/saved after program shutdown?

    Thanks a lot!
  2. 1) no, not yet

    2) intraday charts - 10 days. Historical (EOD) charts - whatever is provided by your datafeed. Can be decates

    3) Trendlines drawn on historical charts cannot project onto intraday. You can set QT to handle the TL as not unique to the chart, in which case any trendline you draw on one chart will be visible on another, even if they have different time periods selected. Only requirement is that they are same type of chart (both time based charts, or both TICK charts, etc)

    4) trendlines and chart annotations are already preserved when the program is shut down
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    Thanks for the quick reply, Jerry!

    So if I draw a trendline on a 1-day timeframe chart (each bar represents one day price activity), it will not project onto a 30-min timeframe chart (each bar represents 30 min price data)?
  4. correct
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    Can I ask why its not included? Seems like a standard feature.

    Am i wrong?
  6. LOL. Ingrate!
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    how dare i.
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    THat question wasnt posed in a critical way.
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    did not seem like that standard of a feature to us - the level of detail needed on EOD charts is inherently different than on intraday. The way the data is handled is way different. Did not want to devote the time to it when it was not that thought after of a feature. Other upcoming stuff was far more requested
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    Thanks for taking the time, Jerry. Much appreciated.

    Projecting 'bigger picture' trendlines on intraday data is important to me because I trade FX using multiple fractals.

    All the best!
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