Question about quant trader profit sharing bonus

Discussion in 'Professional Trading' started by elabunsky, May 6, 2012.

  1. Hello,

    Like trip Hong Kong soon for looking quant trader position (have 18 month proof model and some other ideas) next 2 month.
    Does anybody can advise me about reasonable conditions? I mean what is the reasonable income part and profit share % for human available made 100% annualy with 20% DD from any money (model have big average profit value and around 750 trades per year)?

    PS. Please, do not send joke comments - I'm not fluent.

  2. No comments? ;(
  3. Please, advise me.
    I need to know is it possible or not get 10-15% from profit or not.

  4. achilles28


    Hey Eugene,

    Sorry, I have no idea. Why not trade the strategy yourself? Keep 100%?
  5. I do not like have 50-100K annualy profit from my own money, I need more.
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    Greedy, huh? We all are...

    I would advise caution. Is your strategy novel? Or does it rely simply on recurring, well-know patterns? If it's novel, your new "partner" may steal it from you.
  7. I'm not too young for share my ideas... Do not warry about it ;)
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    I wasn't suggesting you're young, or naive. Just that there's lots of sharks out there. Good luck.