Question about Qchart s&p500 and nasdaq 100 futures charting

Discussion in 'Trading Software' started by Koros, Nov 18, 2002.

  1. Koros


    on Qchat, to which realtime exchange shouls I subscribe to be able to chart the s&p500 futures and nasdaq 100 futures ?

    And what are the symbols of these on Qchart ?

    Thanks in advance
  2. jay567


    either CME or CME emini... i only subscribe to the emini version

    s&p emini - es02z
    nasdaq 100 emini - nq02z
  3. How in the hell do you look up symbols for Qcharts period! I've tried to find the answer on their webpage, and I get this "smart lookup" thing. It's like an Ask Jeeves search engine that's supposed to be user friendly but doesn't work at all. Is there some list of futures symbols? Or some search utility that actually works?
  4. jay567


    use "ticker symbol lookup" in the help menu... not very user friendly though
  5. DaveN


  6. Koros


    OK, thanks for your answer.
    As of now, for nq02z, I see a close at 1049.50 for today 18 november.

    This is for the nasdaq 100 Emini futures.

    For the non Emini value of the nasdaq 100 futures, should I expect the exact same value ? I'm a bit confused about getting this information from CME Emini or not and as to what is the difference.

  7. Koros ---- The big NASDAQ contract is traded in the CME pits by open outcry and its current symbol is ND02Z or ND Z2 (depending on your quote provider). The ND trades at $100/point, 5x the size of the electronically traded (Globex) NQ contract. ND and NQ are usually very similar ---- they are based on the same index and major discrepancies would invite arbitrageurs to close the spread between the two ----- but not necessarily identical at all because ND generally lags NQ by anywhere from 5 to 20 seconds, and its price changes are more slothful and stodgy than the equivalent big SP contract is to the electronic e-mini ES. You will generally have to pay additional money to obtain quotes for ND in addition to the e-minis: for instance, esignal charges $63/month to provide any and all CME futures, but just $10/month for the two CME e-mini contracts.
  8. One thing not broadcast very much is It bypasses the lycos stuff.

  9. jay567


    hey koros,

    its probably better if u track the emini nq and s&p over the big contracts cuz the charts are much more fluid due to the higher volume
  10. I can't stand this god damn thing! It never gives me futures symbols! Here's what happened when I typed in "pork bellies":

    Stock Research Results Powered by

    You said: pork bellies
    - - - - -
    Lycos says: Sorry, I was unable to find an answer to your question.

    Does anyone know how to get futures symbols for Qcharts?
    #10     Nov 19, 2002