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    Remember that except for bragging rights a patent is worth nothing unless you can afford the big bucks to defend it. There are no "patent police", it's up to you to bring a civil suit if you think it's being infringed on. I feel like outside of biotech and some materials science, patents are one of the most useless things aspiring entrepreneurs waste their time and money on, and taking a patent case to court is just a massive cost and distraction for a startup I can't think anyone but a lawyer would recommend.
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    Hey Lugar...
    You don't know wtf you're talking about.
    I saw a re-run of a Shark Tank last night I hadn't seen before with the guy that invented "Scotty-Vest".

    He has a "design" and a "utility" patent on those things. Plastic pockets with holes in them so you can run wires for headphones. Where the f is the process in that?

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  3. I'm not a patent lawyer.
    Who knows...what is considered design and utility and unique and process and etc misc words and applications.

    You mentioned Plastic pockets, with holes in them...that is a somewhat relatively unique process application.
    If you were to have just said holes in a vest for earphone wires...I'm not so sure then.

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