Question about not getting up from desk

Discussion in 'Trading' started by LeesonTrader, Jul 22, 2002.

  1. LeesonTrader

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    Does anyone else use a bedpan at their desk like I do? I cant leave a position open while a go to the bathroom!!
  2. I can't wait to see the replies here. Oh, the joys of remote trading.
  3. LeesonTrader

    LeesonTrader Guest

    I may get a catheter.
  4. lescor


    I've actually thought about getting something. It would have to be something with a lid on it though so it wouldn't spill if I knocked it over.

    I remember when that plane hit the building in Italy and the market dropped then bounced back some huge amount. I was in the bathroom and missed the whole thing.

    Catheters aren't very comfortable and if you can put one in and take it out yourself, you're more dedicated than I am.
  5. No I use my coffee mug. Cant afford a bed pan in this market.
  6. LeesonTrader

    LeesonTrader Guest

    Sometimes I wear a diaper
  7. ZTrader


    a wireless wideband connection between your laptop and cable/dsl modem. This way, you can trade while......well, you know. beats reading the paper!
  8. LeesonTrader

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    Trading while pooing..haha, my trades already stink!!!
  9. leeson you are too much...i have this unpleasant image of someone with a bedpan in front of them and a jar of vaseline (plus a browser always at a porn site) and some tissues next to the monitor...
  10. LeesonTrader

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    I have this picture of someone riding bung and farting the whole way down this bear!! Ppppbbbbtttt!
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