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    Anyone know what the price movement is for the mini soybean contract. Is it one penny move is $10??
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    Yes, a one penny move is $10.00. The 1.25 per tick is per 1/8th cent. The contracts don't trade in 1/8th of a tick usually. Just in 1/4 cent ticks.
  4. Surdo


    It looks like the minis are priced in 1/8's and full size beans are priced in 1/4's? The mini contract should be worth 1/5 of the full size contract, 5000 bushels vs. 1000. So a penny move = $50 on the full size vs $10 on the mini.

    I am ready to trade beans!

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    I like shorting beans but it's still a little too high for me. I'm trading on a 14k account.
  6. are you serious?..with $14k and you will not even trade large soybeans much less mini soybeans...hmmm..what in the world will you trade?..please clarify..
  7. Why? have you looked at the daily/weekly charts what tells you this is going to change?
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    Not sure what you mean here - a $14K acct is more than sufficient to trade mini soybeans. A $0.20 move is $200 which is about 1.5% of acct value - what's the problem?
  9. Mate that increasenow is a joke do not listen to him the best thing i ever did (on this site) is put him on ignore I advise others to do so as well
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    Do you follow the fundamentals or are you just looking at technicals?

    I think you need to stay abreast of what's happening with fundamentals if you're trading grains.
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