Question about Medved Quotetracker

Discussion in 'Trading Software' started by jammy, Aug 20, 2002.

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    I just dl'ed the program and was wondering if anyone here actually uses the program to input your trades for equities or options? Or is it safer to go to your normal website (i.e etrade, datek, or IB). For those of you that have used it to place orders, have there been any problems for you? Thanks



    I have used Medved before. I had no problems placing orders right from there order screen. It is quick and your orders will be displayed in the transaction window so you can change them very easily. You can also place orders faster by imputing the amount of shares or money you would like to use on each trade. Then just click on the Island book, level 2 screen or the bid/ask on the level 1 screen and your order will be made automatically. It is much quicker than trying to order through Datek or most other brokers. I never once had a problem. If you have any other questions about Medved feel free to ask.
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    Today will be my first day using it so I'm sure more questions will come up sooner or later.
  4. In most instances, QT is going to be much more efficient than going through your broker's web interface. Reason being is that the client doesn't have to wait for the web pages to load; all data can be posted directly to the broker.

    When you start placing your orders through QuoteTracker, one of the shortcomings you'll quickly notice is that there's no way to formally log the transactions for Schedule D purposes. If you're interested in extending QuoteTracker's portfolio functionality, I suggest you take a look at QTExtender ( )
    QTE extends QuoteTracker so that you can track covered calls, call, puts, and also provides a host of other functions geared at making the active trader more effective utilizing QT.