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  1. Consider a Masters in Finance as alternative to MBA. Higher concentration in finance and risk management, as well as derivatives and modelling will make you more employable across a wider spectrum in finance than an MBA will.
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  2. I am in a similar situation as the OP but I have pretty much decided that I will be going to get my MBA. the question for me is just when.

    I intern at a large financial corporation and im always asking the management for advice on various things. This was one of the things. Almost every one i asked agreed that it is worth getting your MBA (i was asking regarding Finance). The thing that they differed on was when. whether you should go right after undergrad school or wait and get a few years of work experience.

    from what they told me, alot of financial institutions have a cap on how high you can get promoted without an MBA. for example, at standard and poors (like most other places) you can not get past an analyst position without an MBA. As far as i know, almost all major financial institutions follow this "rule." Of course there are exceptions, if you are a financial whiz, they won't hold you back. But for the most part it seems that you need an MBA if you plan on getting to a certain level.

    i say go for the MBA. it can only help, not hurt. i dont agree with people just looking at getting an MBA as a 60k bill and a piece of paper. its amazing but yes, you actually do learn stuff in those 2 years that you will be using in the business world. furthering your education is always worth it and can only benefit you.
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  3. I'd say learning programmming/database, I run as a side small business by placing programmers/database workers into trading firm and banks. The lowest one I have on payroll for oracle DBA with 5 years trading $170 and hour W-2 with benefits, some of my oracle/programming guys make $300 W-2 with some pretty large banks. (full benefits)

    This is if you still like to do something else and be in arms reach of the trading industry.
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  4. I agree.

    There are too many dumbass kids these days who don't want to lift a finger. I expect there to be a lot more white collar dead weight in the future.

    The demand for skilled labor will increase and drive the wages up. Learn a trade or get into the medical profession.
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  5. Hal3


    It sounds like you need some career counseling, some motivation, and maybe some antidepressants!

    I do have an MBA.

    It was fun to get and a great experience. I got it from a state school after work. It was very affordable and took considerable time and effort.

    I don't use the letters MBA after my name and most people wouldn't guess that I have one.

    I have heard it said that you should not tell people you have an MBA - just use what you learned.

    An MBA will not be a ticket to anything.

    Harvard MBA? You got into Harvard without a Harvard MBA. That's where your strengths lie. The Harvard MBA is just icing on the cake that you already have.

    Here's my advice:

    Read some books on picking a career. "What color is your parachute?" is a classic.

    Get motivated!

    I really like Brian Tracy tapes (MP3's these days. I have been doing this for a long time.) Google for them. Check out Nightingale Conant products. I warn you - these things will fire you up but the feeling wears off fast. You have to keep them going almost every day in the car, while exercising, etc.

    Get healthy. Eat right. Exercise. Yada, yada, yada.

    Sounds strange but journal every morning.

    Write down - don't just dream - write down what you are looking for in life, what your ideal job would be, what you would do if you didn't have to earn money to live. What do you want to contribute to the world?

    What are your natural gifts? Are you exceptionally smart, good with numbers, good with people, a born leader, physically attractive, creative, artistic, willing to accept uncertainty, persistent?

    Do what you love and the money will follow. I'm not so sure. But do what you love and live within your means and happiness and satisfaction will follow.

    Print this out right this minute and read it every morning for 100 days. Put it by your toothbrush.

    Learn to have a positive attitude at all times. It takes practice!

    Report back.

    Good luck!!!!
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  6. Hal3


    Certified Registered Nurse Anesthetist is the best career in the medical field today.

    Check this out:

    Did you see the average salary?????


    Lot's of family practitioners and pediatricians only dream of making 165K.
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  7. Mecro


    Pfftt, nurses at NYU Medical center make like 200k-300k, although they are working about 60-70 hours a week.

    At the same time, they are miserable, bitter & angry.
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  8. Hal3


    I have been to NY. I thought everyone was miserable, bitter & angry.

    Seriously, that is sad and unnecessary.
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  9. Neoxx


    Don't get into healthcare for the wrong reasons, or you'll also end up feeling miserable, bitter and angry.

    And as far being a gas-man, while most anaesthetists I know enjoy the hands-on side of their work, very few find it consistently challenging or stimulating.

    Just my $0.02.
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  10. Mecro


    Stop hanging around the yuppie bars.

    No, cause any fool can go to nursing school and then get work. Obviously there is a reason the pay is so high.
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