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    I have an MBA from a similar school as Temple. It has been good for getting my foot in the door. That's about it. They do not teach anything special. It's mainly about learning to work with and lead people (executive management). If you do not already have some type of significant experience in an industry that you would like to go back into, then it's probabaly a waste of time. Otherwise, I would reccommend JD, CFA, or CPA. There is always a good job market for those skill sets, no matter how bad the economy.
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    That's a good think a CPA is better than a M.B.A
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    well, it depends. CPA or CFA if you like crunching numbers. I think you have to have an undergrad degree in accounting to get a CPA. JD if you are more of a reading & writing type of person.
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    Might want to check up on the real world here and there. While you are at it, go check salary for a Senior Relay Technician, as well as job stability.

    Noone needs maggot investment banks, while we all need reliable electricity.

    P.S. Technical school for utility technicians is NO JOKE. Much harder than learning financial engineering.
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    These are all good suggestions I appreciate the advice! I really some type of career path
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  7. Read "The Millionaire Next Door." Most millionaires don't have college degrees.


    I have an MBA.
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    Did your MBA get you anywhere?
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    Bro, you sound like a younger version of me.

    I am 33 and in medical sales. I make a pretty good living (low 6-figures), but absolutely hate it. I love to trade, but would certainly not bet my mortgage on being able to do that for a living currently. That is a long term goal for me and currently I'm swing trading a small account because I cannot watch the markets for hours on end.

    I just started pursuing my MBA this semester, at a small Catholic university that you have never heard of.

    I'm not 100% sure what I will do for a living once complete, but I'm considering hospital administration or practice management of a larger medical practice. I probably won't make the kind of money that I'm currently making, but I just can't sell much longer. At least I have a lot of industry experience, including equipment sales and practice consulting. As Pa(b)st said, the healthcare arena, does have quite a bit of stability and will be an area of high growth for years to come.

    As for sales, I don't have any passion for it and my personality style is not suited for it either. I have achieved pretty decent success in my industry, but have hated every minute.

    I screwed around in college and was there to party, screw and play football. Sociology major with a low GPA. I realized that if I wanted to get out of sales, that I would need to do something to gain some additional education.

    I can't really say that what the future will hold, but I can tell you that I, for the first time in my life, actually am excited about school and eager to learn.

    I really don't have much in the way of advice, as an MBA certainly doesn't guarantee you anything. But, if you're passionate about it, I'm sure you can capitalize on it.
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