Question about Java implementations and frameworks for algorithmic trading, and relevant techniques?

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    I'm looking to implement my algorithmic trading ideas, indicator and semi-automated or fully-automated trading algorithm and strategy in Java.

    I'm looking for the best of the best implementation, performance and real-time computing and decision-making algorithm implementation.

    I need advice on what Java framework shall I choose and how shall I proceed as there are many Java frameworks and implementation techniques.

    Considering I'm looking for the best of the best implementation, performance and real-time computing and decision making algorithm implementation, how shall I choose what Java technology shall I use and how shall I proceed, please?

    I understand that you may use many other languages, but I only need technologies that I can implement in Java or I can import or bring it into the Java framework. Thus if there is no way to connect the method you mentioned to a Java application or its not possible to implement the method in Java or import or bring it to Java, then your advice doesn't work for me, unfortunately. [​IMG]

    In case if this is not the right place to ask Java algorithmic trading questions, where is the best place on the net to ask my questions about this Java algorithmic trading, please? [​IMG]

    Tnx and best of luck
    Fallen [​IMG]
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  2. Best of the best but it must be in Java? If you knew a single thing about programming you would know you can make processes, implemented in any language, communicate with each other. How about you drop your Java mania for a moment and realize that languages are just a tool to accomplish a task? So if you want help how about explaining why you have such a hard-on for Java. Is it because it's the only language you reasonably know well? Or your preferred language? I mean, pick whatever you like but you can't have the best of the best and at the same time ride an outdated language and ignore much better solutions just because they were implemented in a different language.

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    Haha yeah right. Nice pic.
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    you sound like an idiot. java is far superior, you aren't going to compete on speed anyway
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    don't worry about latency , you cannot beat the HFT players . use jni and asynchronous io
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    Forget Java...instead go with the elegance and speed of Malbolge.

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    Java is shit, I started programming in Java in 1997, so fuck off, I know what kind of POS it has become
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