question about Interactive brokers demo account...

Discussion in 'Retail Brokers' started by frostengine, May 25, 2006.

  1. Does anyone know if interactive brokers has any rules pertaining to running demo account and real money account simultaneously from 2 seperate locations?

    Such as I run to run some test automated systems using the demo account which is hosted some place, and trade my real money account from another location......

    curious as to if they would have any problem with seeing both accounts loged in but vastly different ip addresses?

    They may have a problem with them beliving users are letting someone else trade on their demo account or something like this and they may not want that to happen and in that case checking these ip addresses may be how they prevent that... anyone has any insight on this?

    I'm guessing/assuming they have no problem with this.... hopefully not because it would be much easier to have my demo account automated systems running on a hosted server rather than bogging down my trading pc ;)
  2. There are no restrictions
  3. promagma


    I did this no problem. Even accessing a single "real" account from two locations is OK.
  4. once u have an acct opened u access papertrader facility which virtually reproduce exchange environment--real fills, real quotes. with demo price movements, quotes and fills are not reliable.
  5. You mean that you can get the demo system to work??
    the bid and ask seem to work ok with the delay, but the last seem to get constantly stuck!!
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    Can anyone confirm that the margin requirements work correctly with the demo account?
    If you exceed your margin will they automatically dump you like they would in a real account?
  7. I run a webtrader paper trading account, and have found the quotes to be reliable except during the past few weeks, after the new webtrader was rolled out, the quotes for some stocks and futures randomly freeze. Clicking on Edit Market View, then clicking Market View, gets them up-to-date again.