Question about Indexes

Discussion in 'Options' started by Adamoptions, Aug 30, 2003.

  1. How come some indexes have no volume? For example, $BKX Bank Index - Philadelphia, $BTK Biotech Index and $INX Internet Index. Can you trade these indexes?

    Second question, how can you tell what stock is related to a particular index. Is there a database that lists stocks and the indexes they are most closely aligned with?
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    Generally prefer indexes with volume, bid /ask spread;
    $XAU is an exception.:cool: Hard to trade wihout bid-ask & volume.

    BBH index some trade;
    HHH may be a bit low volume to trade,and both have stock options. has some index info.
    Think Merril Lynch nicknamed them ''holders'' , like RKH,BBH,HHH.

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  3. Adamsoptions,

    The SMH has pretty good volume too. There's an ETF section at which ranks them by volume and lists the components of each ETF and their respective weights within the applicable ETF.