Question about health insurance for full time trader

Discussion in 'Professional Trading' started by webbma, May 10, 2008.

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    I am planning to go fulltime in the next 6-9 months, and I have a question for any of the traders with families. My wife is a stay at home mom, so getting coverage from her is not an option. What do you guys do for health insurance coverage? Do the prop firms your with offer a plan? Do you have to get seperate health care coverage? If anyone is in NJ and has a family plan, what is the approximate cost of the plan?

    Thanks for any input you can provide.
  2. what used to be Assurant was pretty cheap. Dunno what they are now, Fortis or soemthing? try something like or you may also consider catastrophic insurance if you use healthcare very infrequently...
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    Unfortunately I will need something more than catastrophic. We use it to often. My wife has an ongoing sickness, and my son has a couple of issues.
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    maybe try an individual plan thru Carefirst --- been with them for years and had rather good coverage...
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    Look for individual HSA plans.
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    Getting individual plans can sometimes be a better deal than a family plan. So good to ask.

  7. first of all, are you even profitable trading part-time?

    and by profitable i'm talking a minimum of 200k a year and very consistant?

    if your are not then you will fail miserably and how the fuck will you support a stay-at-home wife and kids that have health issues

    damn another fucking idiot trader that thinks he will make it big on hope alone

    you're an obvious newbie without a clue as to how this business works - your post gives it away
  8. if you have pre existing conditions forget individual health insurance. they will rider anything they feel will cost them money.
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    You need to apply long before you drop your group benefits. The reality is you probobly won't get individual coverage with pre-existing conditions. Either trade p/t and keep your day job or re-think your plans.

    Look at it from the ins co's perspective - Why the F would they want to take on the unlimited obligation of an existing condition and the unlimited expense (kind of like selling uncovered options) just for a few hundred a month in premium?
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    I have found this very helpful and have purchased health insurance through them is the past.

    I live in NJ. Every private plan, depending on coverage options, pays the same high rate but no one is penalized for pre-existing conditions. This works well for people w/health issues but penalizes the healthy families. It is worth checking out as it lays out the deal in each state and will get you quotes.
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