Question about forming my own money management company

Discussion in 'Risk Management' started by busyguy1, May 11, 2008.

  1. busyguy1


    I want to form a company that manages the money of middle class people. I will be the managaer and ceo. Do I need anything in order to do this?
  2. Yes. Get real
  3. SEC law prohibits more than 8 middle class people in any one management company. Also if you do have middle class people you have to verify as CEO that you are also middle or low class people to ensure no high class people are absuing middle and low class people. If you have more low class than middle class people then you also need to file an exemption under the Rule 144-c Low Class Idea regulations.

  4. And people wonder why hedge funds are getting more and more regulations from the govt. truly unreal!!


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  6. FX managers are crooks...they just churn away your money so they can earn commissions off of you.