question about foreign currency trading

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  1. I agree with JayS. I don't think this was a job interview at a bank or wall street firm. Sounds like it's just a daytrading firm except they have you trading forex instead. The bid/ask quotes they show you are most likely inflated plus I'm guessing they'll want you to scalp(they're screwing you twice). I thought the retail forex market was more regulated now so I don't see how you can trade clients money without a brokers license(series 3?).

    Sounds like a bad idea.

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    hey stevet, funny stuff ....

    this F/X firm could also be a legitimate place where they hire you to get companies to trade their currency transactions. When i was almost done school, and i wanted to trade anything at that point, this firm was hiring F/X trades with little or no experience. It was just cold calling and getting companies to trade with you rather than their bank. You make a few pips. I don't like cold calling. Wastes too much time when i could actually be trading and making money :D
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  4. just mho.
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