Question about finding and using TRIN, VIX, TICK, A/D .....for YM Trading ??

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  1. I am trading YM for the last month and am trying to acquire some extra helpful Indicators that would compliment my YM strategy I have developed using Pivont points and S/R.

    First all, would Indicators such as the TRIN, TICK, VIX,or Advanced/Declining stocks be of use to incoperate with PPs and S/R points ?? Also what about Candlesticks ?? Would it be good to use them to confirm potential bounces off S/R ?? Such as a long legged Reversal Hammer approaching S1 ??
    Would this be a good clue that a bounce back up could occur and that a possible Fad to the Longside would be advantageous ??

    Anyway, where can I find real time stats for TRIN, TICK, VIX, and Advanced/Decline NYSE Stocks ??

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    What platform/charting s/w do you use? I trade the ES and ER2 and use the TICK-NYSE. If you have Interactivebrokers, you can use Ensign software with the IB data feed for $39/month. I don't use any of the other's you cite.
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    if you're trading the ym, the tiki is probably more useful than the tick. the tick represents the # of nyse stocks on uptick minus downtick, while the tiki represents the number of dow stocks on uptick minus downtick.
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    uptick - downtick tell you nothing, separately uptick/downtick hit extreme number tell you something. (on Dow)
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    is tiki available with IB?
  6. Lucrum


    As far as I know, no.
    Although if someone has the IB symbol for it this is one time I wouldn't mind being wrong.
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    As far as I know, you’re correct. Sorry :(

  8. Everything you mention would be very helpful.

    However, there's dozens of different ways of using each and you need to find a particular way the goes well with your YM trading plan.

    Start with one and go slow as you try to integrate it into your current YM strategy.

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    Add bonds, oil, Euros, yen, MACD, RSI, MA, ADD, DEC, HIGHS, LOWS, Premium, DAX, Volume....Just kidding.

    Just use price
  10. Do a google on trin vix spoos.

    There are some great websites that are making extremely good use of the trin and vix in establishing methods of determining when the trin and vix will reverse current intraday trends.

    I've seen some outstanding results posted.
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