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    I didn't know where to post this. I recently got laid off from morgan for failing the 66.

    I was thinking about heading over to Merril, but then I got a job offer from td ameritrade. It looks pretty good I get 40k on the base and then if I hit all my number s I get 5k a quarter.

    There numbers are high 6 mill a quarter is what they want me to raise.

    I was wondering what you guys thought...anyone out there work for td if so are they any good
  2. Rocco Brothers over in Bayside.... tell 'em Vincent sent ya... no lisenses no problem... industry leading payouts on the hottest propritary microcap stocks... fuhgetabout "Merril" and "ameritrade."
  3. In my previous experience as a broker, if you want to be an order taker, then Ameritrade, ScottTrade etc are the place to be.

    If you actually want to advise people and develop relationships with them, you need to be at a full service firm, like Merrill.

    Not to mention, the pay differences are very, very different as well...
  4. LOL
  5. Doesn't Frank Rizzo place trades there?

    He tried to make me an offer I couldn't refuse one time and he called me 'rubberneck.'
  6. "Doesn't Frank Rizzo place trades there?"

    Naw, he's the Mayor of Philly a real "sizzlechest".
  7. The Frank Rizzo I saw said he wanted to bash customers' heads in when they refused to buy shares.
  8. hate to break it to you but if you cant pass an nasd exam then this is the wrong business for you
  9. If you can raise $24 million per year, start a hedge fund. Earn a 20% return, take 20% for yourself as your fee, and you make $960,000 first year, instead of $60,000.
  10. I worked there for 8 months before I realized the BULL#$@@. You must have your 66 to work there as well as your health & Life insurance me, even if you bring in the 6mill a quarter you WILL NOT get 5k, I can promise you that. One of my co workers brought in 5.7 mill one quarter and she didn't even get a dime (literally) for it. They said good job but not good enough. If you bring in the required 26mill a year, the most you will make with salary+ commissions is 57k.(for breaking your back and bringing in 26 mill of new money to the firm).That's just SAD.:(
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