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Discussion in 'Hardware' started by eltr, Dec 1, 2002.

  1. eltr


    Try to use a router to share internet access, do I have to have a static IP address, or dynamic IP address still works?
  2. jaredand


    Mine works with both.
  3. Either setup will work fine. Hopefully your router affords you the ability to be wireless. :)
  4. It should work with the both, by default the router should have DHCP function enable. If you do it manually, you have to choose an IP compatible with the subnet mask of your router setup.
  5. Whamo


    Usually your service provider (ISP) will give you an IP address via DHCP, therefore your IP address will change periodically. If you want a static IP they usually charge more for business service.

    Set your router up to DHCP out the WAN port for the ISP's address and DHCP NAT on the LAN side so you can use multiple PC's if you want.
  6. eltr


    Thanks all, your information is very helpful
  7. cartm


    Can anyone rec a good cable wireless router? I was up at Bestbuy, and total, the router plus card for the additional computer was around 220 bucks....does this sound about right?
  8. Whamo


    Compare the Bestbuy price with online merchants like or, don't forget to figure in shipping costs for comparison. I'm partial to Linksys because of ease of use and reliability.
  9. Check Circuit City. I just did this for a friend over the weekend. The wireless router (also has 4 wired LAN ports) plus a USB-based wireless adapter was about $120.

    But check too - I just saw an email from them and they've got name brand wireless gear for pretty cheap.
  10. corvus


    Linksys products are goods for home use and pretty simple to set up. The BEFW11S4 has 4 ethernet ports, 802.11b wireless, and a router/firewall, similar to my setup at home, for $100 from compusa. A wireless USB adapter for your computer like WUSB11 is $60, so $220 sounds high.
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