QUESTION about day trading buying power

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  1. Say I have $50k of equity in my margin account.

    During the trading day:
    I buy $40k of stock XYZ at 9:45
    I sell $40k of stock XYZ at 10:00
    I buy $40k of stock ZYX at 10:15
    I sell $40k of stock ZYX at 10:30
    I buy $40k of stock YYY at 10:45
    I sell $40k of stock YYY at 11:00
    I buy $40k of stock ZZZ at 11:15
    I sell $40k of stock ZZZ at 11:30
    I buy $40k of stock OOO at 11:45
    I sell $40k of stock OOO at 12:00

    At noon, I have opened and closed a cumulative total of $200k worth of day trades (4x the amount of my equity).

    Is my day-trading buying power exhausted for that day?

    Or am I able to initiate further trades that day?

    Thank you for your time and response.

  2. fidelity

  3. Your trades have yet to settle. Ask your broker how long.