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    "Russian billionaire Mikhail Prokhorov on Monday unveiled a new hybrid car that is due to come on the market in 2012."

    Would someone tell me how there can be billionaires in communisn countries such as Russia and China? It appears like they may have a socialist private sector like the USA.
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    This is a general statement, not auto applied to mr Mikhail;
    but it directly answers your question.

    King Solomon said a wicked ruler is like a loudmouth lion & charging bear[symbol of Russia] over poor people .So a ruler/ beast of the field like half lion/ half bear , may eat well;
    that doesnt mean the poor people eat well, in commie country .

    Good question,
    not that USA is really compared to Russia/black market;
    note VA federal judges declared ''socialist health care'' a no go today .LOL:D

    King Solomon is known for wealth, wisdom..................................
  3. Communists need riches too, so capitalism is allowed to flurrish with limitations. This is why China is successful, more so than Russia. [​IMG]
  4. This is a good website to search in many languages. This is one person opinion to your question.

    "Given the enormous class and income disparities in Russia, Latin America and China (20 Chinese billionaires have a net worth of $29.4 billion in less than ten years), it is more accurate to describe these countries as 'surging billionaires' rather than 'emerging markets' because it is not the 'free market' but the political power of the billionaires that dictates policy."

  5. Thats not what Glenn Beck and Rush told me. :confused:
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    That describes the USA
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    :) Maybe they confuse the oligarch with the free market, or they are stupid. :D

  8. It pays better to whore for the right.
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    Tsing Tao

    wtf...communism? Russia isn't communist anymore, you ignoramus!

    it's a damned shame that people can post on the internet without an IQ check.
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    That is what god tell Glenn Beck.:D
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