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  1. It says one part is forex (only like 100K out of 1million of imaginary money) and the rest is equities. Can you short equities or can you only buy?
  2. It is un American to go short at this time. I have a tip for you though on the protfolio challenge. Put it all on red.

    Actually it's not a tip at all, it is my opinion.
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    I entered the first one they had a couple of years ago. I quickly saw there was something wrong when Nancy Beaumont was ranked 1 through 100. I knew she had figured out how to cheat the system. So I didn't even read the emails they send me to get in on this one. I don't even want most of those worthless prizes they have anyway.
  4. Now Forex?

    Since its CNBC I guess you can not only short but you can actually cheat :p
  5. I remember Nancy Beaumont fiasco very well. From what I read on wikipedia people got busted for keeping their browser open and tricking the system into executing trades after hours as if they occurred during regular hours.

    I wish they would have a contest with options/futures. Make it a TRADING contest.

    Speaking of contests, does anyone know of any trading contests?
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    I used to look for contests too. I wish there was something like the old US Trading Championships like Norm Zadeh used to run. There used to be a site called that had a stock contest, I wonder if that's still going.
  7. Their only goal is to generate hits on their website. The bonus bucks for answering trivia questions is an insult to traders. Also bonus bucks for referring other peoples emails to cnbc is a joke. If they are going to have a trading contest have a real time contest which allows trading of everything including options and futures. My opinion of CNBC has just fell to an all time low.
  8. Collective2 could be viewed as a trading contest.
  9. I agree hundred percent. My trading style is on the downside if I can't short sell/buy puts I am handicapped. Bonus Bucks crap and only being able to buy is unacceptable.
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