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  1. Why do tens of millions of Chinese immigrate to non-Chinese countries, while virtually no non-Chinese immigrate to a Chinese country (including China, Taiwan, and Singapore)?

    And would it be accurate to say that:

    1. No Chinese country treats non-Chinese and their religions anywhere nearly as decently as any Western non-Chinese country (including Israel) treats Chinese?

    2. In every Chinese country, non-Chinese are either systematically persecuted at worst or treated as inferiors at best?
  2. With apologies to Chinese, the purpose of this thread is to highlight the absurdity of a parallel thread about the Muslims. This is not meant to question the hospitality of Chinese. I've been to China many times and love the place.
  3. Ridiculous.

    You call the Muslim thread absurd yet you're highly involved in it, and managed to prove yourself to be an intellectually dishonest idiot in it.

    Your logic: The thread is absurd. I should therefore get waist-deep in it.

    Who is more foolish - the fool or the fool who follows him?

    ROFLMAO! You're such a headcase....

    In any case, it is clear that your PhD credentials have failed you once again as you are unable to see the differences between Muslim immigration and assimilation and that of the Chinese.

    Just a hint: When was the last time you heard of a Chinese immigrant who killed the citizens of their host nations because they are not Chinese, or because of a cartoon insulting to Mao Tse Tung? Have any Chinese been caught plotting bombings on airlines flying to and from the US? When was the last time a riot broke out in the US or Europe by disgruntled Chinese immigrants? Are Chinese demanding that their faces be hidden on their driver's license? Are Chinese temples serving as money-laundering and fundraising mechanisms for Chinese terrorists with the aim of killing their host nation citizens?

    I realize this is all above your PhD-caliber intellect, "Professor." I recommend you do not answer, as you shall inevitably only fall further on your face.

    Don't you have some papers to grade or something? :D