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    Matt or anyone who knows or uses esignal:

    I would like to know if the new version of esignal v 7.0 has a standard deviation function. I need to plot a standard deviation of 30 periods based on the closing price. I do this in excel with the formula: stdev(LastPrice,30) , where the 30 means a period of 30 bars.

    Also I would like to ask if the eSignal Equities subscription that costs 99$/month plus 3$ for NYSE/NASDAQ/AMEX is a realtime feed similar to Qcharts Realtime ? I don't want to pay 99$/month for a delayed datafeed.

    Thanks in advance for replying me.

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    Hsanson beware level2 fees on monthly account with them.
    ..monthly accounts add $50 + $10
  4. hsanson,

    We have a builtin linear regression study. Youc could put it on an advanced chart and tell it to only use the last 30 bars based off closing prices.

    If that doesn't solve the problem, it could easily be created with a formula (EFS).

    Matt Gundersen @ eSignal
  5. if I'm not mistaken, and mislead, I believe that this platform has its sights set on the TS platform, and is closing the gap on it and on the MetaStock capabilities of regression testing, and prospective (automated) trading strategies.

    In addition, I was just contacted by Advanced Get, and they're getting up off the software key basis and setting up modules that can be used directly within Esignal, instead of off their customized trading software. This is a significant improvement over the present format.
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    When do you plan to allow use of formulas in quote boards? I think someone said somewhere that this was on the cards sometime in the furture..

    Also, not understand the stock limit thing.. I do scans of stocks on my existing platform and so often have different stocks popping up each day.. how would that effect the stock limit?

    And what is this about level 2 charges? Why on earth do you penalise people for paying monthly? Never heard of that before with anyone else.. sounds odd to me..

    I am interested in a more reliable data feed but these are issues..

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    1. which eSignal package are you using ?

    2. why don´t you join the eSignal yahoo group at

    and have your questions answered/discussed there ? even if you don´t contribute to the extensive dispute yourself, it´s worth your while ... imo.


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    Thanks for your interest Neil.

    Yes, we do plan to allow formulas in the quote window in an upcoming release of eSignal. No ETA at this time but it should be at some point this year. It's considered a high priority.

    Symbol limits just pertain to the number of concurrent symbols on your screen at the same time. You have access to over 500,000 symbols on eSignal. One way to scan the entire market is to use one of our scanner services:

    Regarding NL2, you are right that we typically reward annual subscribers by waiving the NL2 service fee but that's actually a pretty standard practice among quite a few vendors. We have a great trade-up special right now that rewards customers for switching from a competitor, whether they go month to month or by the year.

  10. One feature that I am missing in eSignal is the ability to have real time alerts based on technical indicators (ala IRT/ErlangerQuote/Ensign). Do you plan to add this feature and how soon? Thanks.
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