Question about calendar spreads?

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  1. Lets say I am doing a spread of July vs. December of CL.

    I downloaded some historical data from Bloomberg.

    Lets take the year 2001 as an example:

    On 6/21/2000, CLN01 started to be available for trading.

    On 11/20/2000, CLZ01 started to be available for trading.

    On 6/21/2001, CLN01 ceased to exist and CLN02 started to kick in.

    So from 11/20/2000 to 6/21/2001, both CLN01 and CLZ01 are available and I can form a matching spread.

    But after 6/21/2001, it became CLN02 vs. CLZ01, which lasted until 11/20/2001, when CLZ02 replaced CLZ01.

    So my question is: do I only trade the spread from 11/20/2000 to 6/21/2001? What's the potential pitfall there?

    Can I trade the spread between CLN02 vs. CLZ01 from 6/21/2001 to 11/20/2001 althought they seem to be not a matching pair?

    Or maybe it just doesn't matter.

    My goal is to do backtest using historical data and then trade the spreads...

    Any thoughts would be highly appreciated! Thank you!
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    I guess the contracts had such a short life in 2001 because that's when crude started on globex, right? Today they are tradable until 2015 for standard months and 2018 for dec and june:

    Trading jun/dec is not the same thing as trading dec/june+1. You should start backtesting jun02/dec02 after jun01/dec01, and not dec 01/jun02 and it would be better to test directly on the calendar spread historical datas rather than a combo of expiries datas.
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    is there a news portal for the OIlL and Natural gas markets?
    A good website that gives a good news feed and live updates.

    I am using a bunch of Stocks news sites, looking for any on Energy markets front if there are any.

    Thanks for the help.
  4. google comes up with plenty of results:
  5. What are you looking for?
    If you can make me understand your request,
    I can ask Bloomberg and Reuters guys.
    I have both.
    I am interested myself...