Question about calculating Pivot Points for YM ??

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  1. Below is a earlier quote
    from another member. Just wondering if the ^dji is the same as YM ? Isnt it a different figure ?? And if so how could you use it like below in calculating appropriate Pivots Points for YM ??
    And where could I get the Pivot Points for YM ??
    If no equation will find it where can I get the High, Low, Close for previous day's YM to calculate Pivot Points and S/R??

    Thanks !!! Been racking my brain all night to find this !!

    QUOTE :
    " I use the free pivot calculator at:

    It doesn't require you to enter the high, low, close. You just need to enter the symbol and it does the rest. Also does weekly and monthly pivots in addition to daily.
    I use the underlying index for futures (NQ = ^NDX, ES = ^GSPC, YM = ^DJI). "

  2. The YM and the DJI are most certainly DIFFERENT figures. They track one another but there is premium in the futures contract. You should calculate your own pivots each day. This isn't something you want to be lazy with. I've seen a lot of auto-pivot indicators, and I've yet to see one that calculates them correctly every day including days after holidays, days where settle price does not equal closing price, etc. Entering them yourself takes 30 seconds and is worth the effort.

    The equations should be readily available online. If you cannot find them, PM me and I will send them to you. Also, if you'd like an indicator for Tradestation that allows you enter the H/L/C for automatic pivot calculation (it draws the lines on the charts for you), just let me know and I'll send it to you. Hope that helps!
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    Here is a site that provides all sorts of pivots for you to rely on.

    I'm not affiliated with them but I use them on all my trading days.

    Good luck.
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  5. Pivot points deal with the vertical aspects of the market.

    Want one that deals with the horizontal aspects??

  6. But, you don't make money with your horizontal pivots do you?


    I get paid when it goes up and down. One vertical pivot to the other.
  7. I am sorry Mr. Hershey if I offended you. I forgot about your rocket launching trajectory, where you must probably need a horizontal pivot for a successful launch.

    Forgive me for forgetting.
  8. =============
    Jimmygold ;
    Thats the one i use but probably more important i record the ;
    open, hi, lo ,close......And they have those also.

    May figure the pivot point myself, ; but i still like to write the open high, lo ,close myself. I process it better that way

    Interesting ,ES eod data may be off a tick[.25]; noticed that one this week
    but SPY which i record the hi ,low ,close will be off some times much more, like today

    Have to use some discretion any way. Like today PP for ES is 1458.92.But ES would go1458.75 or 1459.0 not 1458. 92:cool:
  9. Try woodies's pivot points as well, they help out....sometimes....

    Regular pivots, woodie should be fine.

    I think a lot of programs offer pivot points....

    Esignal, Qoutetracker, amibroker, etc. etc. etc.
  10. I tell you what guys when I first posted this thread I was bummed the first day or so with the lack of response.

    But you guys really came thru and I really want to let you know how much I appreciate it !! Very very helpful !!

    And Mr. Hershey it would be great to know horizontal pivots . If thats a possibility please elaborate more. Thanks
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