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Discussion in 'Index Futures' started by Dominic, Dec 21, 2003.

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    I have just recently started trading e minis thru my broker, CyberTrader. I have been with CT for 3 years trading equities and I'm enjoying trading the futures over equities more and more. I have seen some comments about IB; does anyone know if IB is better/worse in regards to charts and layouts than CT? What I don't like about CT is that they only offer trading the e minis starting 7:00 am and no trading after 6:30 pm. I would like to be able to trade the futures with more hours available, which CT doesn't offer? What brokers allow you to trade the e minis around the clock? Any suggestions or input? Thanks

  2. Just recently started trading futures with IB and so far I'm loving it. And so far IB looks solid to me.
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    If you wanted too, could you trade the eminis this moment or do you have to wait until tomorrow morning?
  4. Is this a joke? LOL

    If you're not joking, then I think your futures broker is putting the joke on you.
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    I was just asking a simple question. I thought that there are brokers that will allow you to trade the e minis around the clock (except for certain maintenance times on Globex). I cant trade the e mini until tomorrow morning and wanted to find a firm that would allow me to trade them if I wanted to anytime.
  6. Cybertrader uses their own proprietory platform. You need to get with a broker that offers Jtrader who has a night desk.

    Here click this link below and scrole down for a list of a few brokers:

    Michael B.

  7. I actually just bought some nq's.
  8. IB lets you trade futures any time the market is open.

    As for charting and quotes, IB only provides you with quotes. However, you can use QuoteTracker for quotes, charting and trading with both Interactive Brokers and CyberTrader. You will find that QuoteTracker's charting is better than Cyber's and for Cyber clients, QuoteTracker is free fully registered
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    I'm wondering why I'm even using CyberTrader then if I cant trade the futures after hours? Maybe IB is the way to go.
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    Futs trade from Sun afternoon/ eve, depending on your time zone, thru Fri mkt.close. Globex, mini's, has a short downtime in the pm everyday and IB has a short down time late eve. IB is a good choice for a small size retail player getting his feet wet. Jerry's Quotetraker fed by IB also.
    along wth sierra charts. You need to be able to see after and pre mkt futs action because of their reaction to earnings announcements after and before the bell, econ events @ 8:30 est, Europe trading and it's affect etc. All give clues and opportunities.
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