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  1. Just reading Bright's website and it says all new traders must attend there training in Vegas. Can this training be taken elsewhere or is it strictly always done in Vegas. More specificly I am in NJ and was wondering if it could be done in the Cherry Hill office.
  2. damn...10 minutes and Don hasn't sniffed this one out yet.......
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    gr8trdr, I see you bashing Brights all the time, so who do you recommend, and why? Who do you trade through, and have you actually talked to the Brights to see what rate you could get?
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    can you share more of your inside stories then? it would be kool to know the WHOLE story.
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    Insider as in former Bright trader? Or what? I say if you are going to bash you need to explain who you are and how you are in a position to make claims in order to show that you actually have any knowledge of what you are saying as opposed to just endless blabbering, about things you don't know. Not saying you don't know, but with all the bashing I'd think you'd be more than willing to at least give your experience and an idea of where you come from to lend some form of credence to what you post.
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    Look idiot, maybe the post came off harsh, but I was actually sincere in my questions, because you seem to have more than just rates as a problem with the Brights. Other than rates and a claim of crap training, you have no recommendation of who offers a better program. Yea genius I can call around and find out rates and training available, that isn't my point, you imply that you have been personally screwed by the Brights, yet offer nothing other than beligerent rants. DO you actually trade? O r are you like those POS who run around with fake police badges and military awards making claims they've seen it all..been there, done that? Damn, never know it was a good day trading, I feel like kicking the crap of something.
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    And the Battle starts......

    It is amusing that those who provide "valuable" advice often feel they should not have to justify or prove their statements each their own I suppose

    Good luck!
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    4craptrdr, I think you pretty well answer without actually answering. My guess is it works well with most people who meet you, real quick they figure out you're not worth knowing. That about ends if for me. Hope whatever got you so wound up gets out, I'd hate to be around when that blood vessel bursts, bet it blows right through the skin.
  9. i remember 2 years ago bright was not competitive at all. they were much higher than other firms. but hey maybe thats how they've survived charging higher rates. to be honest i truely believe all company sponsered trading offices will go by the wayside as it'll be harder and harder to make money as commissions keep contracting. jsut as etrade shut there prop division down i think many more to follow. in a low volatility environment commissiosn mksut be rock bottom to be able to survive for the trader and that collides with expenses rising
  10. FWIW: I have friend who trades through Bright, and he has told me he's being treated well.

    I considered Bright three years ago, but ended up taking a different route. I found Don helpful and honest, but also a bit of a "sales man". He has a product to sell, which we all know, so I can only respect that. I ended up recommending Bright to my friend based on my calls with Don.
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