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  1. Hey all,

    I'm currently a Multicharts user, but their autotrading is still under development, so I am looking at Amibroker, but I have a question for experienced users.

    If a strategy is being autotraded and you are currently long a position when service is interrupted (power outage, internet outage), can you resume where you left off? In other words, can you resume the strategy and have it close your position when a sell signal is generated or a stop triggered?

    Currently Multicharts autotrading is disrupted by a timeout of 20 secs or longer, causing you to be unable to pick up where you left off.

    You really can't autotrade a strategy that holds position for several days, if a 20 second timeout essentially aborts autotrading so your risk management stops now have to be entered manually. My strategy has several types of stops ( time, trailing, profit based) which make manual entry not practical.

    Responses much appreciated. Thanks in advance.
  2. Realist


    I am looking for a similar answer to this question as well. I am not even sure that AmiBroker really supports Automated Trading yet as I can't seem to find any viable information on their website about how the platform goes about doing this. I have also tried Multicharts 3.0 with no luck in getting the AutoTrade function to work properly through TWS. I downloaded their 3.1 Beta and I plan to try it out to see if they finally got it working.

    The other alternative I am looking at is NinjaTrader which I have heard many good things about. The old fallback is go back to TradeStation since their automated platform works quite well but I would much rather stick with IB for my FOREX system. In essence I have been manually trading my system for sometime now until I can get all of my parameters plugged in the way I need them to work.
  3. Notice the date from that page ?

    July 6, 2006 19:28

    No updates in nearly 2 years ?
  4. Having automated many of my systems over the years, I do not recommend AmiBroker for this task. It is not what I would call mission critical.

    A stable automation platform must be redundant or you will be in a world of hurt.
  5. After some more research, I've seen people representing themselves as "experienced autotraders " recommending OpenQuant. Several times I've seen posts refering to it as "the most complete platform for autotrading."

    Right now I'm trying to gauge how painful it's gonna be to learn C# from scratch and then convert my system to C#. After the simplicity of learning EasyLanguage, C# looks like Chinese to me (I would say like "Greek" but I speak Greek).

    Any further thoughts on Amibroker or OpenQuant are welcome.
  6. Tums


    Check out NinjaTrader too; also a C# platform, they seem to have a bigger user base.

    Another "Pro" preference is Neoticker.

    There is an auto-trade program that can convert your EasyLanguage program to their script, but I have can't recall its name off hand.
  7. I agree on the C# comment. Compared to AMIbroker's Formula Language it blows up into 10 lines of code vs every one line in AFL. Time is money...I need a platform that lets me work on strategy not syntax errors.

    I have been an AMI user for years, but I tend to agree about the mission critical nature issue. I love its backtester, but real time alerts seem loose.

    Possibly it is my misunderstanding of how it works, but I cannot get it to handle certain state space issues well. I get extraneous buys after the system has already gone long and vice versa for shorts.

    I have tried to build special trailing stops to experiment with, but I have never made it to a satisfactory level. It has built in stops, but I want to control/plot them so I can see how they are working.

    I would love to hear from anyone successfully autotrading AMI.

  8. Alex27


    Any update on how the auto trading works now in 2016 ?

    Can you use the IB gateway API?

    Instead of having to use IB TWS which is heavy and clunky on the system