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  1. hi im new here

    i just started trading stock options on instaquote from home last week and i wanted to get some feedback about my deal. im looking for cheaper commissions, for sure. here is my deal:

    (if its terrible, please be kind)

    i have a 10 to 1 buying power ratio
    i pay about 200 dollars a month for software (ive heard that is cheap)
    i pay 70 cents per option contract (the ise charges 21... someones getting paid)
    i dont have to worry about electronic cxl fees (our order flow is linked with a retail buisness that helps us keep the fill to cancel ratio in check)
    i dont have to worry about a desk fee either (it used to be 750 a month!!!)
    i get 60% of my profits monthly, after commissions (im pretty sure this part sucks)

    so thats my deal. i feel strange just putting it all out there like that but the truth is that i am new to electronic trading (i started in january 05) and i wanted to know if im getting screwed or if this is a regular deal. the cost per trade is whats really killing me.

    does anyone know of a better setup than this? can you help me out? im tired of making 300+ dollars a day (hey, its summer, its freakin slow!) and ending up negative because i traded more than 500 contracts. i realize this is mostly due to leaning too hard on my scratches (like i said, its slow. you get a great fill, the market moves in favor, the other side wont get hit, market relaxes, uh-oh! there goes the rest of that bid!... ssscraaaatch! you get the idea). basically, if i can get my P&L/#of trades divisor down to about .5 or .6 i will be a very happy man (with more of my own money in my pocket).

    thanks for your time. PM me or reply to this, either is fine. id really like to know what your deal is if it is better than mine. i understand if you dont want to make that info public. luckily, i have no shame.

    good day!
  2. nitro


    Good start


    Above average

    If it weren't for this, you would not even be close to being able to do any of it. Who do you trade for?

    If you trade from home there should be no fee outside of your software fees which you already stated you pay above.

    This is your killer. If you can keep the rest of your situation intact, and get 90% payout or higher, you can probably make it work.


  3. hey bud thanks for the input!

    yeah, my split sucks, i knew that. im working on finding a better one.

    im suprised that .70 is above average. after clearing and all that stuff i think the actual cost of my trades is around .45 or so. i want that extra quarter in MY pocket.

    id rather not say where i work. deals are private matters and i dont want my boss getting all these emails about this post. its a decint sized electronic trading group that shares its clearing with another firm that does straight retail orders. i realize the cancel thing is awesome.

    seriously, thanks for your time!

    anyone want to give me a better split?
  4. Why not just use OptionsXpress or InteractiveBrokers and just trade yourself? Or is there a reason you are linked with this group and giving up 40% of your profits?

    Just curious.

  5. they do all my clearing and give me buying power. the split is paid to the backer (considering what the first guy said, i bet my boss gets a big cut, too).

    do you understand what prop trading is? thats what i do.