Question About Animals In Christianity

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  1. Hi everyone,

    Would like to ask a question...

    Do animals have souls?

    After animals die, will they go to heaven/ hell too?

    Is there any clue or guidance about this matter anywhere in the Bible?

    And what if the animal has a close emotional bond with a human? Say for instance, me and my pet, for example. Does that increase the likelihood of a reunion in after-life?

    Many thanks...
  2. Ricter


    There is no observational reason to believe in the existence of a soul. For practicality's sake, let's stick to what we can both observe, and not allow me to start making stuff up.

    So, no.
  3. buttons


    if we have a soul, animals have a soul too. No doubts about it.
  4. Ricter


    Why does that necessarily follow? Since we have no observational data to constrain us, we could simply say that the soul resides only in homo sapiens. Who will prove we're wrong?
  5. For some reason I don't think God would have given us dominion over them and A-1 steak sauce if animals had souls.
    He would have had Jesus splain how we should care and possibly pray for their souls.

    "Oh no- I've screwed up and ended up in Doggie heaven!" Robin Williams- What Dreams May Come

    A Good flick about all that savior 'stuff'. IMO

    The joy of being in the presence of the creator is expected to more than carry the day - so hangin with the mortals we knew on the planet is not needed. (virgins are not included - or needed for that matter)

    Don't fret homey- you'll still be happy, happy, happy.
  6. the bible says you will not know even your wife in heaven so it follows that you will not know your pet. the reality is that heaven only exists in your mind so you can make it any way you want to.
  7. cmaxb


    The funniest thing I have heard about animals and Christianity. Some fundamentalists believe all animals were vegetarian before the "Fall" (Adam and Eve banished from the Garden). Now we are living in a depraved society, where animals would even eat each other, heaven help us.
  8. If duh lion and duh lamb lie together in the garden of Eden, then when did all dat harmony end?
    A brilliant Christian deduction apparently.

  9. yep they sure do. i have heard that sermon a few times. not only that but they believe there was no death before eve ate the apple. everything lived forever.
  10. Well yeah. Adam lived to a couple 700 hundred years old for starters. That was due to the amount of excess water in the atmosphere (firmament) which in turn cancelled out all UV rays.
    People didn't start dying young (< 150yrs old) until after the flood. (the firmament is the source of all the rain ByTWay.) Loosely quoted from Dr. Dinosaur - Mr. Kent Hovand.

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