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    Hi guys, I just got a subscription of activetick. Played a bit. The program seems OK, however the custom service is terrible!

    I'm interested in their historical data query for options. according to the website, it is available. Anyone tried that? I used the example, can get the historical data for equities successfully, however had no luck on the option data. And no one is returning my email/calls. I wonder if anyone had the same experience?

  2. Any luck getting this to work?
  3. Has anybody actually been able to contact Activetick recently? I've tried on the phone a couple times, and sent at least 2-3 emails.

    Never actually heard back, couldn't even get a demo.

    I terms of responsiveness for data providers, it seems like
    QuantQuote >> Nanex > Activetick :(

    If Activetick could actually deliver all it promises to deliver, it might be good, but it just seems to be a s#*t company that doesn't care about customers.
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    yes, I agree. I tried ActiveTick because it's cheap, will stop my subscription at the end of this month.

    The C++ API cannot work.
    Tried their bin file for the API, works fine for equities & currency tick data. works fine realtime and hist query -- one thing is the symbol-logic is completely different from what's in the HTTP api file. For currency, i think it should be #EUR/USD options should be .AAPL 130720C00400000. however their sample bin cannot read .AAPL 130720C00400000 because there is a space!. whatever other cases i tried. doesn't work at all.

    Also tried their C++ API sample code, can be complied. works fine one night for realtime. but the second day, cannot get anything for the same query. I dont want to waste my time on it anymore.

    tried the C++ HTTP example, can get data realtime so far. for options, the format should be OPTION:AAPL--130720C00400000. but no hist data for options

    tried C# example. works-- again no hist data for options. format of symbols should be same as C++ API.

    Anyone know if there is any other choices for historical options tick data? i dont need the OPRA whole market, but some tickers everyday.

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    same issue here.
  6. @bwv078 @hardywu

    The reason symbology is slightly different for HTTP API is because SPACE and # characters are reserved characters for HTTP GET standard method. ActiveTick API uses industry standard OSI-symbology for option contracts, which contains spaces to pad underlying symbol if it is < 6 characters. Symbology for currency symbols uses # character to id the symbol as currency.

    To work around this, ActiveTick's HTTP API uses prefix for non-equity symbols, such as OPTION: and CURRENCY:, removes initial character from the symbol, and also replaces spaces with - characters. The symbology is described in the HTTP API document when you point your browser to http://localhost:5000/

    ActiveTick's historical tick and bar data for options only goes back to beginning of 2014, so you will not be able to retrieve a dataset for a 2013-07 contract since data wasn't being stored at that time. ActiveTick is probably one of very few places where you will be able to query original option tick data (including bid/ask data) on demand for all contracts that goes back 1.5 years as of 2015-07, simply because of sheer amount of data that OPRA generates every day.

    Regarding your problem with retrieving data on second day, you probably ran into a nightly roll. During nightly roll (around midnight Eastern time), various ticker plant services roll their data into next session, and some services go off-line for a brief time during the roll. Usually these rolls last around 5-10 minutes.

    As always, you're welcome to reach out our support directly,, or via live chat at with any questions you have regarding API.