Questins on IB (Interactive Brokers) account statement?

Discussion in 'Professional Trading' started by dabao91, Oct 4, 2007.

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    In IB (Interactive Brokers) monthly statemnet, What are the differens between "Ending Cash" and "Ending Settled Cash"?

    My account only have NQ (future). No stock, no SSF, nothing, but NQ and CASH.

    I just received IB monthly statement. The following numbers are examples just to show my questions.

    In "Total Cash and Accruals Summary" section, I saw:
    --- Ending Cash: $5,927 + $0 = $5,927
    --- Ending Settled Cash: $5,927 + $70 = $5,997 ($70 is in future).

    In "Total Equity Summary" section, I saw:
    --- the cash value is set to $5,927 which is the value of "Ending Cash" (see above).

    QUESTION 1: Where is that extra $70 come from?
    I though for future trading,
    it is always mark-to-mark and settled at the evening (after market close),
    so "Ending Cash" and "Ending Settled Cash" should be the same.

    QUESTION 2: In "Total Equity Summary" section, the cash value is set to $5,927 (Ending Cash).
    why it is not set to $5,997 which is the value of "Ending Cash" (see above)?
    Where the above $70 go?

    For those who have IB account and trade only future (NQ, etc) may have similar situations.
    What is your understand?