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  1. Hi folks, another wanabee trader joins the fray.
    I am a math grad who spent 6 months watching bloomberg in anticipation of bulge bracket banking interviews until it hit me that i started making sense of all this. This prompted me to read a lot more research and primers until i opened a CFD on demo futures account.

    16 days/ 10K transformed to 120k/ GPR 4.6/ Max drawdown 35% (paper loss i patiently managed my margin until the position went my way)/Leverage on individual positions 50 to 100. Avg. leverage 60x/67% of good trades out of 147 trades

    I only trade major G8 Indices, G8 Fx, Precious metals & oil/NG

    My style combines traditional global macro (think Dalio, very modestly & my framework revolves around the real yield not debt), Sentiment judging for short term trading (CNBC for mid retail/investment pros), Bloomberg (institutional), FT (lagging narrative), Earnings releases, short term data etc...

    I have a very strong command of corporate finance and theory, and can implement my own quantitative macro models which I developed to study the reactions to various kind of shocks in oil.

    Intraday, Balodimas's style of averaging down your break even has left a lasting impression on me and is something I use a lot, the only condition for me is to have full proof confidence in my directional bet. A huge part of the exercice for me is to carefully manage my margin.

    The only technical indicators i watch outside of Price are Volume/Various averages and the rate of change per period.

    I convinced a good friend of mine to give me 10k to try with and will be starting in a few weeks as soon as i make a dashboard containing all the stuff i need to watch and learn the rest of the stuff I wanna study.
    Looking forward to share my views with other traders of all styles and learn from ya all.
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  2. Irrelevant, i'm not a systematic trader and don't care about numbers as much as i care about getting the right direction. Still funny though !
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  3. 10x. Sounds nice.

    Care to share a couple weeks of that trade log to move your cred up a couple notches above other nubie winners here?

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    that's a mistake for both of you: for him to give , for you to take

    everything else: what you know (or think you know) or how much you made (or lost) is irrelevant - u have no clue what u doing

    ====Looking forward to share my views====

    come back when you will realize (may be never) that what i said above is true then we'll talk

    good luck
  5. It was just two weeks, but yeah sure i can share the full log.
    sure here's an exerpt of the 15 first days. i went on to reach 120k before stopping to focus on my internship/studying stuff/preparing.
    (see pdf)
    Well at least develop your views a bit on why you think it's a mistake esp for both of us...
    for him 10k is risk capital.
  6. %%
    Most likely right GXR1011; but a gift was much better than a loan; hope his friend understood it as a ''gift '' unquote. Many wrongly consider a loan -a gift ; not that banks look it that way LOL
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    It's always the same story, that's why @qxr1011 doesn't want to waste his time developing his opinion.

    It usually goes like this:
    - I'm new and I think I just discovered that I'm a very good trader and I traded for a small period of time (anything below 5 years is worthless) with little money or no money (paper trader) using loads of leverage and I think I'm smarter than all the guys who have been around for years.
    - someone explains you that you will blow up and it's a basic statistical problem, if you make X% a year your max drawdown over the long run will always be between 0.8*X and 1.2 * X, so 100% in 2 weeks is 3000% a year, your odds of not losing 100% are none.
    - you say yeah let's try anyway you're the best
    - you blow up
    - you figure out the above is true and try to have realistic expectations

    No offense. We all started like this. It's just that you won't listen to us until you blow up and see for yourself.
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    Unreal, you ask a friend for $10K and they just give it to you for trading. I would smack someone back into reality and tell them to get a job - they would be dead to me for being such a user. Those numbers I don't believe - nobody gets a 10 bager from active trading without some real big draw downs along the way, especially from a complete novice. Easy to create a nice linear equity curve - all you need is a keyboard.
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  9. Alright, as you said i'm gonna find out and re-adjust gradually.
    You got the full log trade by trade. Not here to scam people for money. Just looking to get in touch with folks trying to achieve the same goal.otherwise as i mentioned. My friend has a NW of 1m+. 10k is risk cap for him.
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