Quest Capital - Anyone a Stockbroker thru them?

Discussion in 'Professional Trading' started by midlifeguy, Jul 21, 2006.

  1. if yes, how is it going? Pros and cons?


    I really want to manage some assets for some people and need to get licensed. They seem like a decent place, atleast on paper.

  2. ddlee


    I got my series 7 with them as a sponser years ago.. I had no problems at all.
  3. for gods sake forget them!! go look them up in sec documents, they are dirtbags, and a joke of a "firm". there marketing stuff looks like corny crap from the 80's. what on earth do you need them for???

    prop firms sponsor s7&s55, or go work for merrill/ubs/etc
  4. I don't want to work for Merrill and have tons of sales pressure etc. I want to add this to my tax business.

    Any ideas? Their ads do look cheesy on 2nd look but if they get the job done, then maybe it is worth it.

    Open to ideas. Thanks
  5. Any of your clients who do dd will find numerous complaints against them, also legal action taken by the sec against the owner- banning him from any supervision activities. go check out lpl or brookstreet, or triad, or any other of the trillion indys