Query about MotiveWave-Ultimate maintenance of Data-feed connectivity and order/position management?

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    Dear @MotiveWave representative

    I have a query about the possibility of having MotiveWave-Ultimate (purchased license on one-off 2295USD fee), but I don't register for '1 Year of Updates and Support' for 295USD annually, and when my first-year' Updates and Support' that comes with MotiveWave-Ultimate finished I encounter a critical error in the order/position management or API connection to the broker(IB, etc) if encountered a problem and I get an error placing and managing orders and positions to the broker using MotiveWave-Ultimate or data-feed connectivity error to the broker or independent data feed provider if occurs, what will be the solution?

    I mean there is the possibility that broker(IB, etc) may update their API/Server/Connection/Order-management/Position-management code/interface as of every weekend and the broker's updating their Servers and API and platforms, thus there is a possibility that every weekend that passes after my MotiveWave-Ultimate the first year that includes update and support if it is finished, I encounter a critical error that I wouldn't be able to connect to the data-feed provider(independent or broker based) or place and manage order or position or both? I have data-feed connectivity issue to the broker(IB, etc) or broker-independent (paid, etc) data-feed connectivity error occurs, and every single of these errors if happens, rendering the MotiveWave-Ultimate platform totally useless unless the error occurred is fixed for data-feed connectivity or order/position-management, and if this happens and if I do have the MotiveWave-Ultimate but I ran out of 'Update and support annual package', what would be the MotiveWave company's solution for fixing this error?
    1- Will this error solving considered as maintenance of MotiveWave-Ultimate and my platform error will be fixed free of charge thus I will be able to use data-feed(from any source) and order management (to any broker with any amount of accounts) forever with guaranteed free maintenance if these kinds of error happened? And how long it will take to this error fixed if I report it by email(while I don't subscribe for update&support annual package)?
    2- MotiveWave company refuses to solve the critical error for data-feed connectivity and order/position management and the only solution that I will be offered is to purchase one year of 'Update and support' even for solving this critical maintenance error, if occurred that can happen in every weekend/every-day after my MotiveWave-Ultimate ran out of 'Update and support' annual renewing package?

    Is this make sense what I want to ask? And may please company's representative also reply to this post as their official answer as well?
    If this forum is not the place for asking the official MotiveWave company's answer to my queries, where else can I ask about this? e.g. by email?

    Best regards
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    I'll summarize your post:
    • Software has clearly defined paid plan for support
    • You don't pay
    • But you want support and for them to fix any new issues encountered with any interface to any broker or API forever, free of charge
    Business is not a charity.

    Software development is always an on-going process.

    Clearly if you can't afford $295 for maintenance you can't afford to trade.
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    Clearly states on their site the support policy.


    Are updates to the software free?
    If you have a Lease License, as long as you are on an active lease, you have access to the latest version of the software.

    If you have a Purchased License, it includes 1 year of free updates and support. After that first year, if you would like to continue to have access to the updates we release for the software and access to our Support Team, you can purchase the optional Additional 1 Year of Updates and Support for your edition.

    If you are on the Community edition, you have access to the latest version, but support for the Community edition is only available through the MotiveWave forum.