Queen Manipulator was at work today

Discussion in 'Trading' started by qdz2, Feb 13, 2003.

  1. qdz2


    This happens once a while. not very as freqently as before. This may signal mid term reversal. Every time when this happens, I am just curious how they coordinate so well and be strong to take out anything in their way.

    It is very difficult for non-floor traders to predict the magnitude of such move at the begining. You probably just realize it when it moves 1/3-1/2 of its course. But it also could not be such a move.

    How does your day trading strategy cope with this kind of situations? What do you think about it?
  2. TGregg


    Right after you posted this, NQ popped up for over 20 points. . . wonder what was up with that?
  3. On days like today I go long a lot. That means lots of scratch trades and penny or nickel losers and occasionally a home run. Seems to work in the long run.
  4. just realize it can happen...

    i mean, there's things to watch out for... u can pick up some clues... it's just all part of the game..

    nobody expects (do they?) the market to just go one way all day..
  5. white17


    I'd be disappointed if it did.
  6. 20 nickles = 1 dollar. And you could have lost more in the last few days waiting/praying for a squeeze.
  7. qdz2


    Well, I bet somebody expects exactly what would happen today. Why was it just went one way on little bad news? When I say manipulators, I don't mean small traders like you and me. They are different. Remeber, their goal is never to follow the market but to move the market the way they want. Please teach me how to monitor these guys. Thanks.


  8. tmb


    I was watching SPY today and saw a trade of 41.1 at 12:36 in the Time & Sales while SPY was actually trading at 81.1, just above the low of the day at 81.00. I always wonder if these "bad" trade prices are actually intentional, with the goal being to clear out the stops on one side of the market. It would certainly have helped to set things up for the 2:30 to 3:30 moonshot today.
  9. True. That's where execution skills come into play.
  10. qdz2


    one of my friend was frastrated today, as his options order could not get executed even there were couple of 100 contract transactions went through at his offer. Apparently, his offer was not posted to the exchange but handled somewhere by some middle men. As a result his profit got cut. What a pitty! Any sugguestion to him? Thanks.


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