Queen Birther meltdown...

Discussion in 'Politics' started by OPTIONAL777, Aug 3, 2009.

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    Even the idiots need a King. Or in this case, a Queen.
  3. I just figured it out.

    Orly Taitz is the new character from Sacha Baron Cohen...

    Can't wait for the movie...

    :D :D :D
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  5. I'd like to say, I do not really care about this whole birth certificate issue. Now its true that Orly sounded a little crazy, but when they started to unprofessionally try to assasinate her character, it makes me wonder if she has a point. I mean, you never see character assasination unless there is something deep going on. Can you imagine if this news media was interviewing Obama and asked him a question like "what do you say to the fact that so-and-so called you a crazy lunatic for all these government bailouts"

    The fact is...they would never say that. So i wonder why they even bring this up about ann colter saying she is crazy. Obviously this is a woman who gets upset very easily and it seemed like they were pushing her buttons just to make her less credible. If what she was saying wasnt the truth, why not just let her hang herself with her crazy talk? But they didnt. They really pushed the whole crazy issue and unfortunately she walked right into it.

    Maybe she is crazy obsesssed. I dont know. But generally when i see the name calling coming out, I always figure the name callers the ones as losers of the argument no matter what. If you have to resort to that, it usually means you have no legs to stand on.
  6. Oy vey...

  7. My reaction as well. The talking heads couldn't have been more smug or pleased with themselves, yet they never really shook her on anything. She easily handled the guy's question about the newspaper announcement.
  8. A Russian immigrant questioning the citizenship of the US President :confused:
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    exactly - a constitution loving immigrant. Unlike these leftist loons on t.v. attacking anyone who cares about the rule of law.
  10. That would be the rule of law that you get from Wikipedia, right?


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